I’m a Starcraft Kid

Since i was a little bumble bee at the age of 10 or 11, my brother and father both introduced me to Starcraft Broodwar. I have been exposed to many other PC games at the time such as; Duke Nukem, Quake, and Good ol’ Neopets xD


From when i would finish school in grade 6 I would rush home to play my favourite Starcraft custom games; Cat&Mouse, Sunken D(all the Defenses’s really), Penguin wars and Random Bounds.


From this point my sister Jess and I eagerly awaited for roughly 10 years, for the long over-due, Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty. In 2010 the release of Starcraft 2 had finally arrived. Also from being an employee at JBHIFI (An Australian electronics store) I was able to score a promotional Sc2 poster and promo Sc2 box that was an oversized replica of the game. ^_^

While watching emerging casters such as HD Starcraft and HuskyStarcraft, Jess and I had formed out own duo female casting team. There forged TheBeeDuck. At the beginning of 2011, however, due to my crazy schedual of university and work I was unable to be as active as I would have liked. As the end of 2nd year university approached TheBeeDuck then became rapidly more active; casting events such as online qualifiers for the PPSL, Dox Cups, and Live events including Cityhunter’s Burwood LAN, Sydney Gamers League and even traveled to the Philippines to cast for the IPL4 Pacific Qualifiers. (which is another story to tell)


Anyway i hoped you enjoyed my brief introduction to my constant love for Starcraft. Shout out to all my fellow Starcraft lovers! (>^.^)>

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