August 2014

Redbull Battle Grounds Detroit
Artwork at Redbull Detroit

Livibee battles it out on the rough streets of Detroit where she faces an array of Protoss player’s.

Livibee makes it to the Round of 64 and falls to the ultimate opponent StarDust.

July 2014

Redbull BattleGrounds Atlanta

toodming livibee


Livibee ventured to Atlanta where she competed in the open bracket of Redbull Battle Grounds.

She got to present some matches on the main stage against SeleCT & TooDming.

Livibee’s run ended in the Round of 32

June 2014

MLG Anaheim Spring Championship

Livibee Attends MLG for the Second time!


©2014 Kevin Chang

mlg anaheim 2014

July 2013

MLG Anaheim Spring Championship.

Livibee hits the Mainstage!


I got to play on the main stage against Hendralisk at MLG Anaheim 2013

I got to play on the main stage against Hendralisk at MLG Anaheim 2013


May 2012


Oh hell, was it an awesome night!

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Barcraft Enthusiasm

So basically, GSL Finals: Squirtle (P) Vs. IMMVP (T) go head on head in a best of 7 for the grand prize of 50 million won!

Everyone was hoping when squirtle was down 3-0 to MVP that he would cause an incredible upset; Squirtle did manage to turn it around and even the score 3-3, but just did not have what it took to take MVP down, MVP taking the series 4-3 in an epic finals that Barcraft Sydney will most definately remember.

Props to APL for organising the event!

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